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On August 26, 2010, Zynga launched Zynga Lotto. You get a lottery ticket with 9 squares. You get to scratch off 3 of the 9 squares only, for a chance to uncover a winning logo. You can ask friends for tickets (up to 20 a day). Each day you get a free bonus ticket by Zlotto. Zlotto ends October 10, 2010.

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The very first attempt (right after register) is very likely to have you win the prize. Upon the first scratch your odds are 1:9, on the second 1:8 and 1:7 on the third.

However seems like zynga algorithm generates a different random prize square every time you do a new scratch. So the win square can actually "move" 3 times.


NB: You can only claim one prize from each game in each set There are 4 Sets of prizes:

Set Item Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Mw tournament icon atk def Combined

Item BoloKnife 01

Bolo Knife

65 27 92

Item ProtectiveShirt 01

Protective Shirt

27 64 91

Item YetiSnowCruiser 01

Yeti Snow Cruiser

63 26 89

Item Jackal 01


25 65 90

Items are limited to 1 for each account. You can also win a prize in FarmVille, PetVille, YoVille and FrontierVille.

If you were able to take advantage of a glitch or code-trading to earn multiple of a prize, Zynga will reset your quantity to one


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