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Town Car
Item towncar-02
-Image © Zynga
A.K.A Rolls Royce Touring
Type Vehicles
Quality Inventory-common-icon Common
Icon attack 16x16 Attack 10
Icon defense 16x16 Defense 12
Mw tournament icon atk def Combined 22
Source Mafia Store:New York
Icon buy 18x13 01 Buy Nyc cash icon200,000
Icon sell 18x13 01 Sell Nyc cash icon100,000
Subtypes Car
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Date Events
? Mafia Store:New York
Jobs where the Town Car is needed.
Job Title Rank Loot Needed
Liquor Smuggling Enforcer 1
Boss Fight - Confront Agostino Cleto Enforcer 2
Sell Guns to the Russian Mob Hitman 1
Protect your City against a Rival Family Hitman 2
Assassinate a Political Figure Hitman 4
Exterminate a Rival Family Hitman 6
Frame a Rival Capo Hitman 2
Run a Biker Gang Out of Town Capo 5
Recruit a Rival Crew Member Capo 4
Dodge an FBI Tail Capo 2
Whack a Rival Crew Leader Capo 5
Snuff a Rat Consigliere 6
Dispose of a Body Consigliere 10
Ambush A Rival At Sit Down Underboss 4
Settle a Beef... Permanently Boss 10
Buy Off a Federal Agent Boss 2
Shake Down a City Council Member Boss 5
Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don Boss 40
Take Control of a Casino Boss 40

Rolls Royce Touring

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