Mega Casino

The Mega Casino is the 10th property in Old New York. It is situated between the "Uptown Hotel" and the "Chop Shop". The property will yield large amounts of cash over time, the most of any Cash yielding property in New York. For example, a Mega Casino of level 10,000 will garner $151,200,000,000 every 48 hours. Costs of upgrading the Mega Casino increases with each level.


The Mega Casino has changed drastically, as have all New York Properties, since the game was first released. As far as it is known, there is not a cap for the level that this property can be raised too; however, the cost to continuously level the property becomes increasingly difficult.


In "New York" where the Mega Casino is situated there are many other properties. These include: Louie's Deli, Flophouse, Pawnshop, Tenement, Warehouse, Restaurant, Dockyard, Office Park, Uptown Hotel, Chop Shop, Weapons Depot, and Armory.


This property only produces money.

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