In Mafia Wars Wiki, we often create polls to ask for the views of our fans.

Are you excited with Bangkok expansion?

Total votes: 43 votes

  • Yes! I loved the game even though it is buggy now.
35% (15 votes)
  • No! The game is too buggy!
35% (15 votes)
  • No! I quit Mafia Wars because of all the "improvements"
14% (6 votes)
  • No! I still stuck in Cuba and Moscow.
16% (7 votes)

Total Votes: 43 votes

Note: This question was asked during the White-screen Week (Dec 10, 2009 - Dec 17, 2009). During this week, a supposed upgrade turned into an disaster, affecting thousands of accounts affected. Several maintenances are made trying to solve all the bugs only to make the situation worse. An emergency forum was called to answer all the complains.

Check out our timeline to let you have a better view on what exactly happen.

Which do you prefer?

Total votes: 51 votes

  • Able to display 5 items in the wishlist
61% (31 votes)
  • GIFT ALL button
39% (20 votes)

Note: This question was asked on Dec 19, 2009. After a long 6 1/2 hours maintenance, Players found out that they are able to add 5 items in the wishlist, many users were excited about the changes. However, it appeared that, the "changes" were only a bug and were fixed later on.

Which Mafia Role-Playing Game did you like best?

Total votes: 45 votes

  • Mafia Wars by Zynga
96% (43 votes)
  • Mobsters by Playdom
0% (0 votes)
  • Mobsters 2: Vendetta by Playdom
0% (0 votes)
  • Mob Wars by Psycho Monkey
0% (0 votes)
  • Gangster City by Playfish
4% (2 votes)

Note: This question was asked when Zynga's main rival, Playfish, launched Gangster City to challenge the Mafia Wars throne in the Mafia Role-Playing genre. Unlike Mafia Wars which is text based, Gangster City uses flash to play.

Will you spent 15 RP to change your mafia class?

Total votes: 57 votes

  • Yes
46% (26 votes)
  • No
54% (31 votes)

Note: This question was asked when the option of class change was finally introduced to Mafia Wars.