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Moscow was released on September 25th, 2009 and is the third playable location of Mafia Wars. It covers level 70+.

Pick between 2 rival factions! Vory or Mafiya, and each have their own unique bonuses.Rally your friends for help with one job each tier, and to take down the bosses.

  • 6 Episodes
  • The currency is Icon cash moscow 16x16 01.gifR$ (Russian Rubles)
  • 5 properties
  • 3 achievements
  • 6 collections

Moscow was closed on March 10, 2011


Moscow Properties

Icon Property Price
Small moscow0 taxi.png Unlicensed Taxi Stand Icon cash moscow 16x16 01.gif0
Small moscow1 cigarette.png Cigarette Smuggling Ring Icon cash moscow 16x16 01.gif202,350
Small moscow2 carlot.png Black-Market Car Lot Icon cash moscow 16x16 01.gif622,250
Small moscow3 munitions.png Munitions Trading Camp Icon cash moscow 16x16 01.gif1,434,500
Small moscow4 trafficking.png Trafficking Operation Icon cash moscow 16x16 01.gif4,447,900



Icon Name Atatck
Mw tournament icon atk def.png
Looted From
Item MolotPistol 75x75 01.gif Molotok Pistol 22 26 48 Collect the Hit Payoff (Mafiya)
Item RU745 75x75 01.gif RU-7 .45 Pistol 25 23 48 Hijack An Arms Shipment From A Militant Gang
Item BallisticKnife 75x75 01.gif Ballistic Knife 20 28 48 Silence A Political Critic
Item RAS15 75x75 01.gif RAS-15 30 18 48 Convince The Candidate to Withdraw (Mafiya)
MW RL TaigaCombatShotgun B75.gif Taiga Combat Shotgun 32 20 52 Use the Guard's Keys To Access the Bank Armory (Vory)
MW INV Ru78HeavyMachineGun B75GIF.gif Ru-78 Heavy Machine Gun 36 12 48 Support The Habit of A Procurement Officer
MW RL RazoritelGrenadeLauncher B75.gif Razoritel Grenade Launcher 34 15 49 Transport Some Stolen Military Hardware
Item UbijcaAssaultRifle B75GIF.gif Ubijca Assault Rifle 43 18 61 Help Plan The Next Attack (Vory)
Item Klyk9MachinePistol B75GIF.gif Klyk-9 Machine Pistol 21 43 64 Kill A Lookout (Mafiya)
Item Zmeya-8CarbonBlade B75GIF.gif Zmeya Carbon Blade 28 44 72 Hit a Vory Nightclub (Mafiya)


Icon Name Atatck
Mw tournament icon atk def.png
Looted From
Item PNV 75x75 01.gif PNV 21 31 52 Re-route An Equipment Shipment
MW INV ArmoredBriefcase B75.gif Armored Briefcase 25 36 61 Map Out The Escape Route
MW INV Shturmovik B75GIF.gif Shturmovik 45 28 73 Rob A Troop Convoy (Vory)
Item ExecutiveOvercoat B75GIF.gif Executive Overcoat 22 45 67 Acquire Classified Files On Crime Syndicates


Icon Name Atatck
Mw tournament icon atk def.png
Looted From
Item CherepakhaCompact 75x75 01.gif Cherepakha Compact 18 25 43 Collect the Ransom (Vory)
Item SOSnowbike 75x75 01.gif Severnyy Olen Snowbike 32 20 52 Extract A Favor From The Winner (Vory)
MW-INV VolkLuxurySedan B75GIF.gif Volk Luxury Sedan 24 36 60 Steal The Bank President's Car Keys (Mafiya)
MW RL ShchukaSpeedBoat B75 3.gif Shchuka Speed Boat 36 22 58 Dispose Of A RossijaBanc Exec At Sea
MW INV OrelArmoredHelicopter B75GIF.gif Orel Armored Helicopter 24 40 64 Arrange The Sale Of Weapons-Grade Explosives (Mafiya)
Item ArkticheskijGus B75.gif Arkticheskij Gus' 22 42 64 Discover Who Was Responsible
Item OSA17 B75GIF.gif Osa 17 Snowmobile 38 24 62 Look For The Boss' Mountain Hideout
Item KonstantinCargoCarrier B75.gif Konstantin Cargo Carrier 18 44 62 Hijack a Mafiya Cargo (Vory)
Item ZolotoSportsCar B75.gif Zoloto Sports Car 43 22 65 Ship Black-Market Caviar To London


No Animals were available when Moscow was released


Image Name Required Total Required Job
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Item IntelOnDmitri 75x75 01.gif Dossier on Dmitri 12 13 15 40 Buy Mafiya Intel On Dmitri &
Receive Vory Intel On Dimitri
Item PhotosOfKarpov 75x75 01.gif Set of Photos of Karpov 13 15 17 45 Kill An Investigative Reporter &
Catch Karpov Accepting A Bribe
MW INV BankGuardUniform B75GIF.gif Bank Guard Uniform 15 17 20 52 Strip A Uniform Off The Corpse &
Borrow The Guard's Uniform After Releasing Him
MW INV OfficerCorpsPaycheck B75GIF.gif Officer Corps Paycheck 17 20 25 62 Intercept The Base's Pay Shipment &
Capitalize On An Officer's Gambling Problem
Item StickofDynamite B75GIF.gif Bundle of Dynamite 25 34 50 109 Sabotage The Plan From The Inside &
Stop The ULF Attack
Item MansionDetails B75GIF.gif Set of Mansion Details 34 50 100 184 Theaten a Mafiya Moneyman's Family &
Break Into An Architect's Office
Item conceal camera.gif Concealable Camera (Vory Only) 12 13 15 40 Smuggle Consumer Electronics for the Vory
Item untrace cell phone 03.gif Untraceable Cell Phone (Mafiya Only) 20 25 34 79 Arrange A Drug Shipment for the Mafiya

Mastery Items


Dmitri Leonov.jpg
Dmitri Leonov
Item BarsukSUV 75x75 01.gif
Barsuk SUV
Icon attack 16x16.png36 Icon defense 16x16.png52 Mw tournament icon atk def.png88


Party Boss Karpov.jpg
Item KarpovPistol 75x75 01.gif
Boss Karpov's Pistol
Icon attack 16x16.png50 Icon defense 16x16.png38 Mw tournament icon atk def.png88


Gregor Belikov.jpg
Gregor Belikov
MW RL Ex-KGBBodyguard B75.gif
Ex-KGB Bodyguard
Icon attack 16x16.png48 Icon defense 16x16.png30 Mw tournament icon atk def.png78


General Osipov.jpg
General Osipov
linkCossack Armored Vest=
Cossack Armored Vest
Icon attack 16x16.png18 Icon defense 16x16.png48 Mw tournament icon atk def.png66


Sonya "The Wolf" Bassinov
Item ZPRPulemet B75GIF.gif
ZPR Pulemet
Icon attack 16x16.png28 Icon defense 16x16.png65 Mw tournament icon atk def.png93


Sibirchik Titov.jpg
Victor "Sibirchik" Titov
Icon attack 16x16.png54 Icon defense 16x16.png22 Mw tournament icon atk def.png76


Prison Tattoos Collection

Rose Tattoo Wishlist.gif Church Tattoo Wishlist.gif Star Tattoo Wishlist.gif Spider Tattoo Wishlist.gif Tiger Tattoo Wishlist.gif Skull Tattoo Wishlist.gif Crucifix Tattoo Wishlist.gif Temporary Tattoo Wishlist.gif
Rose Tattoo Church Tattoo Star Tattoo Spider Tattoo Tiger Tattoo Skull Tattoo Crucifix Tattoo Boost temporary tattoo 75x75 01.gif

Matryoshka Dolls Collection

Natalya's Doll Wishlist.gif Olga's Doll Wishlist.gif Oksana's Doll Wishlist.gif Svetlana's Doll Wishlist.gif Tatyana's Doll Wishlist.gif Anastasiya's Doll Wishlist.gif Ekaterina's Doll Wishlist.gif Hidden Matryoshka Wishlist.gif
Natalya's Doll Olga's Doll Oksana's Doll Svetlana's Doll Tatyana's Doll Anastasiya's Doll Ekaterina's Doll Boost matroyoshka 75x75 01.gif

Russian Leaders Collection

Medal of Gorbachev Wishlist.gif Medal of Yeltsin Wishlist.gif Medal of Brezhnev Wishlist.gif Medal of Kruschev Wishlist.gif Medal of Putin Wishlist.gif Medal of Stalin Wishlist.gif Medal of Lenin Wishlist.gif Political Favor Wishlist.gif
Medal of Gorbachev Medal of Yeltsin Medal of Brezhnev Medal of Kruschev Medal of Putin Medal of Stalin Medal of Lenin Boost political favor 75x75 01.gif

Vodka Drinks Collection

Cosmopolitan Wishlist.gif Screwdriver Wishlist.gif Sex on the Beach Wishlist.gif Bloody Mary Wishlist.gif Black Russian Wishlist.gif White Russian Wishlist.gif Soviet Wishlist.gif Liquid Courage Wishlist.gif
Cosmopolitan Screwdriver Sex on the Beach Bloody Mary Black Russian White Russian Soviet Boost liquid courage 75x75 01.gif

Soviet Memorabilia Collection

Red Star Wishlist.gif Kremlin Wishlist.gif Communist Manifesto Wishlist.gif Propaganda Poster Wishlist.gif Hammer Wishlist.gif Sickle Wishlist.gif Bust of Lenin Wishlist.gif Berlin Wall Section Wishlist.gif
Red Star Kremlin Communist Manifesto Propaganda Poster Hammer Sickle Bust of Lenin Boost berlin wall 75x75 01.gif

  • Completing this collection will grant the player the Back in the U.S.S.R. achievement.

Fabergé Egg Collection

Diamond Trellis Wishlist.gif Jade Wishlist.gif Military Wishlist.gif Pansy Wishlist.gif Rainbow Wishlist.gif Winter Wishlist.gif Peter the Great Wishlist.gif Fabergé Hen Wishlist.gif
Diamond Trellis Jade Military Pansy Rainbow Winter Peter the Great Boost first hen 75x75 01.gif


Icon Description
Rossiya Matushka
Rossiya Matushka
Earned on September 25, 2009
Earned by Travelling to Moscow
Pank 'n' Spank
Pank 'n' Spank
Earned on September 25, 2009
Earned by defeating Dmitri Leonov
Back In The U.S.S.R.‎
Back In The U.S.S.R.
Earned on October 23, 2009
Earned by vaulting the Soviet Memorabilia collection

Massacre-moscow-title.PNG Massacre In Moscow


Seasons change, and in March, Mafia Wars will change in an unprecedented way.

  • Moscow is closing, why?
  • We have some major things coming up in March, and part of the storyline involves the closing down of Moscow. 'The Neo-Imperium, fresh from their success in controlling the Moscow Underworld, turns its sights to controlling the Russian Underworld. They have commisioned a team of hitmen to assassinate the leads of the Moscow Mafia in a show of force. You are one of the leaders that is on the hitlist, and you need to track down these hired guns and get to them before you become the next fatality.'
  • What do you mean closing?
  • Moscow will no longer be accessible. It will be grayed out on the travel menu and any attempts to get to Moscow will be stopped with a popup. You will not be able to vault or revault Moscow collections. You will not be able to collect from Moscow properties or access the Moscow bank. You will not be able to complete Moscow achievements. You will not be able to fight or rob in Moscow.
  • When will this happen?
  • Moscow will be closing on March 10th.
  • Is this permanent?
  • Moscow will be closed for the foreseeable future.
  • What if I have finished Moscow already?
  • In order to complete Massacre in Moscow mission, you will need to loot Snow Resist Layers. This will only drop in jobs and fights (but not robs) in Moscow. Completing the mission will award you with the Special Mastery Item, a Snow Cat (144 Att / 72 Def).
  • What if I haven't finished Moscow already?
  • In addition to the Snow Resist Layers, you will receive 5x Mastery on unmastered jobs. Mastered jobs reward you with a skill point. In addition, there are Mastery Items for mastering each tier (Barsuk SUV, Karpov, Ex-KGB Bodyguard, Cossack Arored Vest, ZPR Pulemut and the Drakon) If you haven't vaulted the Moscow collections, each of them offer a permanent addition to your skill.

There are also Moscow achievements that offer a skill point for completion.

  • What if I don't finish Moscow in time?
  • Your Moscow progress will be frozen.
  • I like fighting in Moscow!
  • The Moscow version of fighting will also be closed for the foreseeable future.

Source: Massacre In Moscow 411

Massacre In Moscow 1.png

Because of a misunderstanding about the newspaper saying Thai King Deported alot of thai players were unhappy about this. Zynga changed the newspaper to say Unrest In Thailand instead.

Massacre In Moscow Neswpaper.png


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