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Mafia Wars Shakedown pits you against your friends. Build up your mafia and battle it out to complete the most collections. Be prepared to laugh, bang your fist, and cheer with joy as you outsmart your friends.

Key features:

  • Steal from friends or random opponents Live.
  • Defeat bosses in New York and London to level up.
  • Grow your mafia to build up your goon army.
  • Buy over 50 weapons, armor and vehicles such as the Supersonic Crossbow and Flying Car.
  • Outsmart your opponents in strategic battles.


Source: Apple Store

Cross PromotionEdit

Play Mafia Wars Shakedown and get the Item v-10motorcycle 01 V-10 Shakedown (Icon attack 16x16100 Icon defense 16x16132 Mw tournament icon atk def232)

  1. You MUST Connect Mafia Wars Shakedown to your Facebook account
  2. You MUST reach Level 5 in MW Shakedown
  3. The V-10 Shakedown will only appear in Mafia Wars 1.
  4. Remember, only your Facebook friends will see your real name on MW Shakedown.


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