Giancarlo Morillo
Giancarlo Morillo
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Status Inactive
Appearance Boss Fight - Confront Giancarlo Morillo
Job Tier Street Thug
Location New York
Full Name Giancarlo Morillo
Gender Male
Nationality Us.png American

Giancarlo Morillo is the Boss of the Street Thug tier of New York

See more at Boss Fight - Confront Giancarlo Morillo

Ever since an update to the street thug tier, Morillo can no longer be fought.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Giancarlo Morillo is a pushover. Just show up with some shivs and health packs, and don't be afraid to use them. Save the stun guns for later on; Morillo's not worth wasting the good gear.

Trophy[edit | edit source]

Blackmail Letter

Blackmail Letter
Some call you a "punk". Others call you a "hood". It's time to show them you're going places. Succeed, and the Mafia may just take notice. Received for defeating Giancarlo Morillo.

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