Collections are groups of 7 themed loot items. Almost every job tier has at least one collection. The Underboss and Boss job tiers in New York, the El Cacique tier in Cuba, the Dragon Head, Saboteur and Assassin job tiers in Bangkok are the only tiers with no associated collections. Italy and Las Vegas has four collections but they aren't associated with any specific district.

How to get Collections

Specific collections can be obtained by

If the player collects all 7 items of a collection, it can be vaulted. This will use up 1 of each of the 7 items and grant the player a bonus to their Health, Energy, Stamina, Attack,Defense, Loot Drops, or bank depositing.

Once a vault has been carried out on a collection and all 7 items are found again, it can be revaulted, rewarding the player with a specific Boost. Revaulting can be done as many times as there are complete collections available, with the exception of the Daily Chance collection, and ones associated with special events such as the Easter Crime eggs.

It is entirely possible and probable to master a job tier and still not have completed a collection in that tier, prompting trades with other players and redoing jobs in finished tiers in hopes of looting the missing item. It is also not uncommon to have all but the same one in every collection (ie: the 6th item). The one item that is the rarest to find in each collection seems to vary from player to player.

The Collector, Curator, No Razors Needed, Master Collector, and Back In The U.S.S.R. achievements can be gained by completing and vaulting various collections.

The total bonus in skill points or other benefits that can be obtained by vaulting every current collection is 43 Health, 47 Energy, 10 Stamina, 21 Attack, 37 Defense, +10% Loot Drops, and -3% on bank deposits.

Clicking on the + Wishlist icon next to the items on this page will add that item to your Wishlist in Mafia Wars (Facebook).

Some collection items, especially the Daily Chance and Money Laundering items, do not directly appear on the Gifting page with the other collections. In order to send these items to your mafia, you must go directly to your Collections & Vault page in your Inventory and click Send Gift by the item you wish to send. The item will be highlighted and you can click the target recipient as normal.


Since September 9, 2010 collections have been sorted. You can now choose a city, Crew Collections and Special Collections (Events, Mystery Bag, Robbing and Tournaments).


New York Collections

Diamond Flush Collection

Eight of Diamonds Wishlist.gif Nine of Diamonds Wishlist.gif Ten of Diamonds Wishlist.gif Jack of Diamonds Wishlist.gif Queen of Diamonds Wishlist.gif King of Diamonds Wishlist.gif Ace of Diamonds Wishlist.gif Tripwire Wishlist.gif
Eight of Diamonds Nine of Diamonds Ten of Diamonds Jack of Diamonds Queen of Diamonds King of Diamonds Ace of Diamonds Boost tripwire 75x75 01.gif

Heart Flush Collection

Eight of Hearts Wishlist.gif Nine of Hearts Wishlist.gif Ten of Hearts Wishlist.gif Jack of Hearts Wishlist.gif Queen of Hearts Wishlist.gif King of Hearts Wishlist.gif Ace of Hearts Wishlist.gif Cappuccino Wishlist.gif
Eight of Hearts Nine of Hearts Ten of Hearts Jack of Hearts Queen of Hearts King of Hearts Ace of Hearts Boost cappuccino 75x75 01.gif

Sculptures Collection

Rat Sculpture Wishlist.gif Sheep Sculpture Wishlist.gif Rooster Sculpture Wishlist.gif Monkey Sculpture Wishlist.gif Tiger Sculpture Wishlist.gif Snake Sculpture Wishlist.gif Dragon Sculpture Wishlist.gif Alarm System Wishlist.gif
Rat Sculpture Sheep Sculpture Rooster Sculpture Monkey Sculpture Tiger Sculpture Snake Sculpture Dragon Sculpture Boost alarmsystem 75x75 01.gif

Poker Chips Collection

White Poker Chip Wishlist.gif Brown Poker Chip Wishlist.gif Red Poker Chip Wishlist.gif Blue Poker Chip Wishlist.gif Green Poker Chip Wishlist.gif Purple Poker Chip Wishlist.gif Gold Poker Chip Wishlist.gif Bulldog Wishlist.gif
White Poker Chip Brown Poker Chip Red Poker Chip Blue Poker Chip Green Poker Chip Purple Poker Chip Gold Poker Chip Boost bulldog 75x75 01.gif

Club Flush Collection

Eight of Clubs Wishlist.gif Nine of Clubs Wishlist.gif Ten of Clubs Wishlist.gif Jack of Clubs Wishlist.gif Queen of Clubs Wishlist.gif King of Clubs Wishlist.gif Ace of Clubs Wishlist.gif Problem Solver Wishlist.gif
Eight of Clubs Nine of Clubs Ten of Clubs Jack of Clubs Queen of Clubs King of Clubs Ace of Clubs Boost problemsolver 75x75 01.gif

Boxing Collection

Hand Tape Wishlist.gif Gloves Wishlist.gif Headgear Wishlist.gif Boxing Trunks Wishlist.gif Speed Bag Wishlist.gif Heavy Bag Wishlist.gif Boxing Ring Wishlist.gif Semi-Pro Boxer Wishlist.gif
Hand Tape Gloves Headgear Boxing Trunks Speed Bag Heavy Bag Boxing Ring Boost semiproboxer 75x75 01.gif

Cigars Collection

Ebony Cigar Wishlist.gif Sky Cigar Wishlist.gif Rose Cigar Wishlist.gif Ivory Cigar Wishlist.gif Turquoise Wishlist.gif Gold Cigar Wishlist.gif Royal Cigar Wishlist.gif Fixer Wishlist.gif
Ebony Cigar Sky Cigar Rose Cigar Ivory Cigar Turquoise Gold Cigar Royal Cigar Boost fixer 75x75 01.gif

Spade Flush Collection

Eight of Spades Wishlist.gif Nine of Spades Wishlist.gif Ten of Spades Wishlist.gif Jack of Spades Wishlist.gif Queen of Spades Wishlist.gif King of Spades Wishlist.gif Ace of Spades Wishlist.gif Sting Grenade Wishlist.gif
Eight of Spades Nine of Spades Ten of Spades Jack of Spades Queen of Spades King of Spades Ace of Spades Boost stinggrenade 75x75 01.gif

Billiard Balls Collection

One Ball Wishlist.gif Two Ball Wishlist.gif Three Ball Wishlist.gif Four Ball Wishlist.gif Five Ball Wishlist.gif Cue Ball Wishlist.gif Eight Ball Wishlist.gif Bouncer Wishlist.gif
One Ball Two Ball Three Ball Four Ball Five Ball Cue Ball Eight Ball Boost bouncer 75x75 01.gif

Rings Collection

Topaz Ring Wishlist.gif Opal Ring Wishlist.gif Amethyst Ring Wishlist.gif Emerald Ring Wishlist.gif Sapphire Ring Wishlist.gif Ruby Ring Wishlist.gif Diamond Ring Wishlist.gif Blueprints Wishlist.gif
Topaz Ring Opal Ring Amethyst Ring Emerald Ring Sapphire Ring Ruby Ring Diamond Ring Boost blueprints 75x75 01.gif

Ties Collection

Solid Tie Wishlist.gif Striped Tie Wishlist.gif Checked Tie Wishlist.gif Geometric Tie Wishlist.gif Dot Tie Wishlist.gif Paisley Tie Wishlist.gif Knitted Tie Wishlist.gif Injunction Wishlist.gif
Solid Tie Striped Tie Checked Tie Geometric Tie Dot Tie Paisley Tie Knitted Tie Boost injunction 75x75 01.gif

Paintings Collection

Warhol Wishlist.gif Cezanne Wishlist.gif Matisse Wishlist.gif Van Gogh Wishlist.gif Dali Wishlist.gif Monet Wishlist.gif Rembrandt Wishlist.gif Motion Detector Wishlist.gif
Warhol Cezanne Matisse Van Gogh Dali Monet Rembrandt Boost motiondetector 75x75 01.gif

Cufflinks Collection

Silver Cufflinks Wishlist.gif Gold Cufflinks Wishlist.gif Amber Cufflinks Wishlist.gif Jasper Cufflinks Wishlist.gif Agate Cufflinks Wishlist.gif Onyx Cufflinks Wishlist.gif Pearl Cufflinks Wishlist.gif Corporate Muscle Wishlist.gif
Silver Cufflinks Gold Cufflinks Amber Cufflinks Jasper Cufflinks Agate Cufflinks Onyx Cufflinks Pearl Cufflinks Boost corpmuscle 75x75 01.gif

Barber Collection

Barber Pole Wishlist.gif Razor Wishlist.gif Brush Wishlist.gif Seat Wishlist.gif Towel Wishlist.gif Scissors Wishlist.gif Cream Wishlist.gif Shave & A Haircut Wishlist.gif
Barber Pole Razor Brush Seat Towel Scissors Cream Boost shaveandhaircut 75x75 01.gif

Great Race Horses Collection

Mill Reef Wishlist.gif Sea Bird Wishlist.gif Arkle Wishlist.gif Golden Miller Wishlist.gif St. Simon Wishlist.gif Ormonde Wishlist.gif Eclipse Wishlist.gif Inside Tip Wishlist.gif
Mill Reef Sea Bird Arkle Golden Miller St. Simon Ormonde Eclipse Boost insidetip 75x75 01.gif

Daily Chance Collection

Bingo Card Wishlist.gif Deck of Cards Wishlist.gif Dice Wishlist.gif Roulette Wheel Wishlist.gif Slot Machine Wishlist.gif Craps Table Wishlist.gif Baccarat Shoe Wishlist.gif
Bingo Card Deck of Cards Dice Roulette Wheel Slot Machine Craps Table Baccarat Shoe

  • This collection does not need to be completed for the Master Collector achievement.
  • This collection can only be given to another user through wishlist-gifting.

Money Laundering Collection

Money iron Wishlist.gif Dirty Laundry Wishlist.gif Dryer Sheets Wishlist.gif Money Line Wishlist.gif Roll of Quarters Wishlist.gif Death by Detergent Wishlist.gif Dirty Bra Wishlist.gif Money Sock Wishlist.gif
Money iron Dirty Laundry Dryer Sheets Money Line Roll of Quarters Death by Detergent Dirty Bra Boost money sock 75x75 01.gif

  • This collection does not need to be completed for the Master Collector achievement.
  • This collection can only be given to another user through wishlist-gifting.

Cuban Collections

Rum Drinks Collection

Piña Colada Wishlist.gif Hurricane Wishlist.gif Bahama Mama Wishlist.gif Mojito Wishlist.gif Rum Runner Wishlist.gif Long Island Ice Tea Wishlist.gif Cuba Libre Wishlist.gif Flaming Shot Wishlist.gif
Piña Colada Hurricane Bahama Mama Mojito Rum Runner Long Island Ice Tea Cuba Libre Boost flamingshot 75x75 01.gif

Tropical Fruits Collection

Banana Wishlist.gif Lime Wishlist.gif Pineapple Wishlist.gif Papaya Wishlist.gif Coconut Wishlist.gif Passion Fruit Wishlist.gif Dragon Fruit Wishlist.gif Boosted Smoothie Wishlist.gif
Banana Lime Pineapple Papaya Coconut Passion Fruit Dragon Fruit Boost boostedsmoothie 75x75 01.gif

Entertainers Collection

Magician Wishlist.gif Fan Dancer Wishlist.gif Comedian Wishlist.gif Band Leader Wishlist.gif Cabaret Singer Wishlist.gif Crooner Wishlist.gif Burlesque Dancer Wishlist.gif Sandbag Wall Wishlist.gif
Magician Fan Dancer Comedian Band Leader Cabaret Singer Crooner Burlesque Dancer Boost sandbagwall 75x75 01.gif

Tropical Fish Collection

Pufferfish Wishlist.gif Sergeant Major Wishlist.gif Yellowtail Snapper Wishlist.gif Great Barracuda Wishlist.gif Queen Angelfish Wishlist.gif Reef Shark Wishlist.gif Blue Marlin Wishlist.gif Blowfish Dart Wishlist.gif
Pufferfish Sergeant Major Yellowtail Snapper Great Barracuda Queen Angelfish Reef Shark Blue Marlin Boost blowfishdart 75x75 01.gif

Beards Collection

Garibaldi Wishlist.gif Hulihee Wishlist.gif Vandyke Wishlist.gif Mutton Chops Wishlist.gif Soul Patch Wishlist.gif French Fork Wishlist.gif Fidel Wishlist.gif Hobo Lookout Wishlist.gif
Garibaldi Hulihee Vandyke Mutton Chops Soul Patch French Fork Fidel Boost hobolookout 75x75 01.gif

  • Completing this collection will grant the player the No Razors Needed achievement.

Moscow Collections

Prison Tattoos Collection

Rose Tattoo Wishlist.gif Church Tattoo Wishlist.gif Star Tattoo Wishlist.gif Spider Tattoo Wishlist.gif Tiger Tattoo Wishlist.gif Skull Tattoo Wishlist.gif Crucifix Tattoo Wishlist.gif Temporary Tattoo Wishlist.gif
Rose Tattoo Church Tattoo Star Tattoo Spider Tattoo Tiger Tattoo Skull Tattoo Crucifix Tattoo Boost temporary tattoo 75x75 01.gif

Matryoshka Dolls Collection

Natalya's Doll Wishlist.gif Olga's Doll Wishlist.gif Oksana's Doll Wishlist.gif Svetlana's Doll Wishlist.gif Tatyana's Doll Wishlist.gif Anastasiya's Doll Wishlist.gif Ekaterina's Doll Wishlist.gif Hidden Matryoshka Wishlist.gif
Natalya's Doll Olga's Doll Oksana's Doll Svetlana's Doll Tatyana's Doll Anastasiya's Doll Ekaterina's Doll Boost matroyoshka 75x75 01.gif

Russian Leaders Collection

Medal of Gorbachev Wishlist.gif Medal of Yeltsin Wishlist.gif Medal of Brezhnev Wishlist.gif Medal of Kruschev Wishlist.gif Medal of Putin Wishlist.gif Medal of Stalin Wishlist.gif Medal of Lenin Wishlist.gif Political Favor Wishlist.gif
Medal of Gorbachev Medal of Yeltsin Medal of Brezhnev Medal of Kruschev Medal of Putin Medal of Stalin Medal of Lenin Boost political favor 75x75 01.gif

Vodka Drinks Collection

Cosmopolitan Wishlist.gif Screwdriver Wishlist.gif Sex on the Beach Wishlist.gif Bloody Mary Wishlist.gif Black Russian Wishlist.gif White Russian Wishlist.gif Soviet Wishlist.gif Liquid Courage Wishlist.gif
Cosmopolitan Screwdriver Sex on the Beach Bloody Mary Black Russian White Russian Soviet Boost liquid courage 75x75 01.gif

Soviet Memorabilia Collection

Red Star Wishlist.gif Kremlin Wishlist.gif Communist Manifesto Wishlist.gif Propaganda Poster Wishlist.gif Hammer Wishlist.gif Sickle Wishlist.gif Bust of Lenin Wishlist.gif Berlin Wall Section Wishlist.gif
Red Star Kremlin Communist Manifesto Propaganda Poster Hammer Sickle Bust of Lenin Boost berlin wall 75x75 01.gif

  • Completing this collection will grant the player the Back in the U.S.S.R. achievement.

Fabergé Egg Collection

Diamond Trellis Wishlist.gif Jade Wishlist.gif Military Wishlist.gif Pansy Wishlist.gif Rainbow Wishlist.gif Winter Wishlist.gif Peter the Great Wishlist.gif Fabergé Hen Wishlist.gif
Diamond Trellis Jade Military Pansy Rainbow Winter Peter the Great Boost first hen 75x75 01.gif

Bangkok Collections

Chess Set Collection

Chess Board Wishlist.gif Pawn Wishlist.gif Knight Wishlist.gif Bishop Wishlist.gif Rook Wishlist.gif Queen Wishlist.gif King Wishlist.gif Chess Master Wishlist.gif
Chess Board Pawn Knight Bishop Rook Queen King Boost chessmaster 75x75 01.gif

Masks Collection

Agat-Talai's Mask Wishlist.gif Sukreep's Mask Wishlist.gif Palee's Mask Wishlist.gif Phra Ram's Mask Wishlist.gif Indrachit's Mask Wishlist.gif Hanuman's Mask Wishlist.gif Tosakanth's Mask Wishlist.gif War Paint Wishlist.gif
Agat-Talai's Mask Sukreep's Mask Palee's Mask Phra Ram's Mask Indrachit's Mask Hanuman's Mask Tosakanth's Mask Boost warpaint 75x75 01.gif

Spices Collection

Coriander Wishlist.gif Garlic Wishlist.gif Turmeric Wishlist.gif Green Peppercorn Wishlist.gif Holy Basil Wishlist.gif Lemongrass Wishlist.gif Thai Chili Wishlist.gif Pepper Spray Wishlist.gif
Coriander Garlic Turmeric Green Peppercorn Holy Basil Lemongrass Thai Chili Boost pepperspray 75x75 01.gif

Carvings Collection

Wall Carving Wishlist.gif Floral Statue Wishlist.gif Dragon Statue Wishlist.gif Decorative Nightstand Wishlist.gif Lotus Bloom Wishlist.gif Rearing Elephant Wishlist.gif Stone Buddha Wishlist.gif Chisel Wishlist.gif
Wall Carving Floral Statue Dragon Statue Decorative Nightstand Lotus Bloom Rearing Elephant Stone Buddha Boost chisel 75x75 01.gif

Orchids Collection

Marco Polo Wishlist.gif Grace Pink Wishlist.gif Misteen Wishlist.gif Jade Siam Wishlist.gif Bom Gold Wishlist.gif Bom Blue Wishlist.gif Fatima Wishlist.gif Boutonniere Wishlist.gif
Marco Polo Grace Pink Misteen Jade Siam Bom Gold Bom Blue Fatima Boost boutonniere 75x75 01.gif

Las Vegas Collections

Las Vegas Collections cannot be Revaulted.

Cactus Collection

Christmas Cactus Wishlist.gif Silver Cholla Wishlist.gif Cottontop Cactus Wishlist.gif Hedgehog Cactus Wishlist.gif Prickly Pear Cactus Wishlist.gif Barrel Cactus Wishlist.gif Saguaro Wishlist.gif
Christmas Cactus Silver Cholla Cottontop Cactus Hedgehog Cactus Prickly Pear Cactus Barrel Cactus Saguaro

Mojave Animals Collection

  • Obtained: Las Vegas
  • Vault Bonus: +10 Energy and +10 Stamina icon.png
Jackrabbit Wishlist.gif Coyote Wishlist.gif Roadrunner Wishlist.gif Rattlesnake Wishlist.gif Kit Fox Wishlist.gif Golden Eagle Wishlist.gif Mountain Lion Wishlist.gif
Jackrabbit Coyote Roadrunner Rattlesnake Kit Fox Golden Eagle Mountain Lion

Poker Hands Collection

  • Obtained: Las Vegas
  • Vault Bonus: +20 Icon attack 16x16.png and +20 Icon defense 16x16.png
Pair Wishlist.gif Two Pair Wishlist.gif Three of a Kind Wishlist.gif Full House Wishlist.gif Four of a Kind Wishlist.gif Straight Flush Wishlist.gif Joker Wishlist.gif
Pair Two Pair Three of a Kind Full House Four of a Kind Straight Flush Joker

Matchbooks Collection

Loot Isle Casino Wishlist.gif Camelot Hotel Wishlist.gif Giza Las Vegas Wishlist.gif Florentine Resort Wishlist.gif Soft Rock Casino Wishlist.gif Jersey, Jersey Wishlist.gif Planet Bollywood Wishlist.gif
Loot Isle Casino Camelot Hotel Giza Las Vegas Florentine Resort Soft Rock Casino Jersey, Jersey Planet Bollywood

Italy Collections

Dinner Is Served

  • Obtained: Italy
  • Vault Bonus: +10% item drop rate in Italy
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Toasted Ravioli Wishlist.gif Traditional Pizza Wishlist.gif Calzone Wishlist.gif Gnocchi Wishlist.gif Meatballs Wishlist.gif Gelato Wishlist.gif Cioppino Wishlist.gif
Toasted Ravioli Traditional Pizza Calzone Gnocchi Meatballs Gelato Cioppino

Roman Standards

  • Obtained: Italy
  • Vault Bonus: +10 Icon attack 16x16.png and +10 Icon defense 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Banner Wishlist.gif Capitoline Wishlist.gif Castle Wishlist.gif Centurion Wishlist.gif Eagle Wishlist.gif Flag Wishlist.gif Palm Wishlist.gif
Banner Capitoline Castle Centurion Eagle Flag Palm

The Great Inventor

  • Obtained: Italy
  • Vault Bonus: +50 Health
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Bones of Man Wishlist.gif Mother With Child Wishlist.gif Portrait Wishlist.gif Helicopter Scroll Wishlist.gif Vitruvian Man Wishlist.gif Tank Wishlist.gif Crossbow Wishlist.gif
Bones of Man Mother With Child Portrait Helicopter Scroll Vitruvian Man Tank Crossbow

Famous Rulers

  • Obtained: Italy
  • Vault Bonus: +15 Energy and +15 Stamina icon.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Marius - Great Man Wishlist.gif Caesar - Statesman Wishlist.gif Augustus - First Wishlist.gif Nero - Madman Wishlist.gif Trajan - Kind Soldier Wishlist.gif Constantine - Unifier Wishlist.gif Justinian - Last Wishlist.gif
Marius - Great Man Caesar - Statesman Augustus - First Nero - Madman Trajan - Kind Soldier Constantine - Unifier Justinian - Last

Brazil Collections

Precious Collection

Collection header 10 1.png
Warning: The collection pieces from this set CAN be stolen from you!

  • Obtained: Brazil (Robbing, Collecting from Property, and Daily Take)
  • Vault Bonus: Item my precious 01.png My Precious, +10 Icon defense 16x16.png +10 Icon attack 16x16.png +50 Health
  • Revault Bonus: One of the following: Brz real sm.png20,000 or +10 Icon defense 16x16.png or +10 Icon attack 16x16.png or +50 Health
Aquamarine Brazilian Emerald Gold Nugget Imperial Topaz Pink Diamond Raw Diamond Tourmaline
Aquamarine Brazilian Emerald Gold Nugget Imperial Topaz Pink Diamond Raw Diamond Tourmaline

Beaches Collection

  • Obtained: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro: Centro)
  • Vault Bonus: +30 Health
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Pinho Wishlist.gif Jericoacoara Wishlist.gif Ipanema Wishlist.gif Recife Wishlist.gif Ponta Negra Wishlist.gif Florianopolis Wishlist.gif Canoa Quebrada Wishlist.gif
Pinho Jericoacoara Ipanema Recife Ponta Negra Florianopolis Canoa Quebrada

Musical Instruments Collection

  • Obtained: Brazil (Belem)
  • Vault Bonus: +12 Icon attack 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Agogo Wishlist.gif Atabaque Wishlist.gif Bateri Wishlist.gif Ganzá Wishlist.gif Pandeiro Wishlist.gif Skekere/Xequerê Wishlist.gif Tamborim Wishlist.gif
Agogo Atabaque Bateri Ganzá Pandeiro Skekere/Xequerê Tamborim

Amazonian Plants Collection

  • Obtained: Brazil (Manaus)
  • Vault Bonus: +20 Energy
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Dutchman's Pipe Wishlist.gif Giant Amazon Water Lily Wishlist.gif Tabebuia Wishlist.gif Amazon Coral Tree Wishlist.gif Passion Fruit Wishlist.gif Banana Plant Wishlist.gif White Flowers Wishlist.gif
Dutchman's Pipe Giant Amazon Water Lily Tabebuia Amazon Coral Tree Passion Fruit Banana Plant White Flowers

Drinks Collection

  • Obtained: Brazil (Sao Paolo: Heliopolis)
  • Vault Bonus: +20 Stamina icon.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
West Rum Caipirinha Wishlist.gif Leite de Onça Wishlist.gif Agua de Coco Wishlist.gif Chimarrão Wishlist.gif Vinho Quente Wishlist.gif Cerveja Wishlist.gif Lucky Lucas Wishlist.gif
West Rum Caipirinha Leite de Onça Agua de Coco Chimarrão Vinho Quente Cerveja Lucky Lucas

Head Dresses Collection

  • Obtained: Brazil (Recife)
  • Vault Bonus: +15 Icon defense 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Golden Goddess Wishlist.gif Red Dawn Wishlist.gif Green Canopy Wishlist.gif Black Midnight Wishlist.gif Jungle Vines Wishlist.gif Purple Plum Wishlist.gif Sun Shine Wishlist.gif
Golden Goddess Red Dawn Green Canopy Black Midnight Jungle Vines Purple Plum Sun Shine

Chicago Collections

Car Bonnets Collection

  • Obtained: Chicago (Sam's Truck Shop)
  • Vault Bonus: +30 Health
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Aphrodite's Bonnet Wishlist.gif Big Shot Bonnet Wishlist.gif Dash Bonnet Wishlist.gif Eagle Bonnet Wishlist.gif Lion Bonnet Wishlist.gif Skull Bonnet Wishlist.gif Stallion Bonnet Wishlist.gif
Aphrodite's Bonnet Big Shot Bonnet Dash Bonnet Eagle Bonnet Lion Bonnet Skull Bonnet Stallion Bonnet

Stickpins Collection

  • Obtained: Chicago (Main Street Speakeasy)
  • Vault Bonus: +12 Icon attack 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Amber Star Stickpin Wishlist.gif Carved Emerald Stickpin Wishlist.gif Diamond Stickpin Wishlist.gif Middle Aisle Stickpin Wishlist.gif Pearl Stickpin Wishlist.gif Rose Stickpin Wishlist.gif Shield Stickpin Wishlist.gif
Amber Star Stickpin Carved Emerald Stickpin Diamond Stickpin Middle Aisle Stickpin Pearl Stickpin Rose Stickpin Shield Stickpin

Sharp Dressers Collection

  • Obtained: Chicago (The Old Warehouse)
  • Vault Bonus: +20 Energy
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
6-button Long Coat Wishlist.gif 4-button Pinstriped Suit Wishlist.gif Double Breasted Suit Wishlist.gif Gabardine suit Wishlist.gif Glad Rags Wishlist.gif Swanky Moll Suit Wishlist.gif Glamour Flapper Dress Wishlist.gif
6-button Long Coat 4-button Pinstriped Suit Double Breasted Suit Gabardine suit Glad Rags Swanky Moll Suit Glamour Flapper Dress

Fedora Collection

  • Obtained: Chicago (Ballot Box Distillery)
  • Vault Bonus: +20 Stamina icon.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Diamond Crowned Fedora Wishlist.gif Borsalino Wide-Brimmed Wishlist.gif Cavanagh Edge Wishlist.gif Narrow-Brimmed Triby Wishlist.gif Bowler Hat Wishlist.gif Bell Hat Wishlist.gif Single Dent Homburg Wishlist.gif
Diamond Crowned Fedora Borsalino Wide-Brimmed Cavanagh Edge Narrow-Brimmed Triby Bowler Hat Bell Hat Single Dent Homburg

Tie One On Collection

  • Obtained: Chicago (Lakeside Docks)
  • Vault Bonus: +15 Icon defense 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Four-Point Fold Black Silk Wishlist.gif Three-Point Fold White Silk Wishlist.gif Two-Point Fold Green Silk Wishlist.gif Two-Point Fold Red Linen Wishlist.gif One-Point Fold Canary Linen Wishlist.gif Straight Shell Blue Cotton Wishlist.gif Puff Fold Gray Cotton Wishlist.gif
Four-Point Fold Black Silk Three-Point Fold White Silk Two-Point Fold Green Silk Two-Point Fold Red Linen One-Point Fold Canary Linen Straight Shell Blue Cotton Puff Fold Gray Cotton

Jockey Jacket Collection

  • Obtained: Chicago (Crosstown Showdown)
  • Vault Bonus: +15 Stamina icon.png, +10 Icon attack 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Triple Victory Wishlist.gif Double Stride Wishlist.gif Copacetic Wishlist.gif Checkered Wishlist.gif All Sixes Wishlist.gif Get a Wiggle On Wishlist.gif Java and Joe Wishlist.gif
Triple Victory Double Stride Copacetic Checkered All Sixes Get a Wiggle On Java and Joe

London Collections

Training Day Collection

  • Obtained: London (Notes From The Underground)
  • Vault Bonus: +30 Health
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Rubberized Medicine Ball Wishlist.gif Skipping rope Wishlist.gif Versatile Resistance Trainer Wishlist.gif Punching Bag Wishlist.gif Speed Bag Wishlist.gif Dumb-bells Wishlist.gif Exercise Hand Grip Wishlist.gif
Rubberized Medicine Ball Skipping rope Versatile Resistance Trainer Punching Bag Speed Bag Dumb-bells Exercise Hand Grip

Daily Wages Collection

  • Obtained: London (East End Story)
  • Vault Bonus: +25 Icon attack 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Weights Wishlist.gif Weaving Tool Wishlist.gif Garbage Bag Wishlist.gif Shoe Horn Wishlist.gif Sewing Machine Wishlist.gif Tower Pincer Wishlist.gif Washing Bat Wishlist.gif
Weights Weaving Tool Garbage Bag Shoe Horn Sewing Machine Tower Pincer Washing Bat

Heel Hath No Fury Collection

  • Obtained: London (Dead In Red)
  • Vault Bonus: +25 Energy
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Cone Heels Wishlist.gif Kitten Heels Wishlist.gif Platform Heels Wishlist.gif Stilettos Wishlist.gif Spool Heels Wishlist.gif Wedge Heels Wishlist.gif Prism Heels Wishlist.gif
Cone Heels Kitten Heels Platform Heels Stilettos Spool Heels Wedge Heels Prism Heels

Pretenders Collection

  • Obtained: London (To Russia With Love)
  • Vault Bonus: +30 Stamina icon.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Sideburns Wishlist.gif Bald Cap Wishlist.gif Fake Nails Wishlist.gif Toupee Wishlist.gif Contact Lenses Wishlist.gif Fake Mustache Wishlist.gif Fake Teeth Wishlist.gif
Sideburns Bald Cap Fake Nails Toupee Contact Lenses Fake Mustache Fake Teeth

Back to School Collection

  • Obtained: London (Schoolyard Games)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Icon defense 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Blackboard Wishlist.gif Chalk Duster Wishlist.gif Wooden Ruler Wishlist.gif Lunch Box Wishlist.gif Locker Wishlist.gif School Bag Wishlist.gif Pencil Wishlist.gif
Blackboard Chalk Duster Wooden Ruler Lunch Box Locker School Bag Pencil

Hi-Tech Collection

  • Obtained: London (Collateral Damage)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Icon attack 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Bulletproof Watch Wishlist.gif Video Watch Wishlist.gif Car of Tomorrow Wishlist.gif Hologram Wishlist.gif Earpiece Wishlist.gif Mini Mic Wishlist.gif Third Eye Wishlist.gif
Bulletproof Watch Video Watch Car of Tomorrow Hologram Earpiece Mini Mic Third Eye

Day Care Collection

  • Obtained: London (Baby On Board)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Icon defense 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Rubber Ducky Wishlist.gif Pacifier Wishlist.gif Bib Wishlist.gif Rattle Wishlist.gif Pram Wishlist.gif Milk Bottle Wishlist.gif Cradle Wishlist.gif
Rubber Ducky Pacifier Bib Rattle Pram Milk Bottle Cradle

Credited Collection

  • Obtained: London (American Psycho In London)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Icon attack 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Money Counter Wishlist.gif Bank Box Wishlist.gif Bank Token Wishlist.gif Pass Book Wishlist.gif ATM Card Wishlist.gif Panic Button Wishlist.gif Sealed Vault Wishlist.gif
Money Counter Bank Box Bank Token Pass Book ATM Card Panic Button Sealed Vault

South Africa Collections

Rumble In The Docks Collection

  • Obtained: South Africa (Cape Town)
  • Vault Bonus: +30 Energy
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Blue Baboon Wishlist.gif Bulbinella Wishlist.gif Cape Tulip Wishlist.gif Paintbrush Lily Wishlist.gif Pincushion Wishlist.gif Pigface Wishlist.gif Diamond Of Hope Wishlist.gif
Blue Baboon Bulbinella Cape Tulip Paintbrush Lily Pincushion Pigface Diamond Of Hope

Diamond Dust Collection

  • Obtained: South Africa (The Limpopo River)
  • Vault Bonus: +30 Stamina icon.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Dark Oval Wishlist.gif Emerald Cut Wishlist.gif Great Marquise Wishlist.gif Loose Princess Wishlist.gif Radiant Opulence Wishlist.gif Round Brilliant Wishlist.gif Heart Of Gold Wishlist.gif
Dark Oval Emerald Cut Great Marquise Loose Princess Radiant Opulence Round Brilliant Heart Of Gold

Lethal Dose Collection

  • Obtained: South Africa (Bloemfontein)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Health
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Bleed Me Dry Wishlist.gif Blood Curler Wishlist.gif Spine Chiller Wishlist.gif Menacing Grip Wishlist.gif Needles of Steel Wishlist.gif Royal Pain Wishlist.gif Embellished Piercing Wishlist.gif
Bleed Me Dry Blood Curler Spine Chiller Menacing Grip Needles of Steel Royal Pain Embellished Piercing

Back To The Grind Collection

  • Obtained: South Africa (Kimberley)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Icon attack 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Carvaceous Wishlist.gif Set In Stone Wishlist.gif Brass Relief Wishlist.gif Etched Elegance Wishlist.gif Marble Cold Wishlist.gif Rainbow Chase Wishlist.gif Touch Wood Wishlist.gif
Carvaceous Set In Stone Brass Relief Etched Elegance Marble Cold Rainbow Chase Touch Wood

It's A Steal Collection

  • Obtained: South Africa (Durban)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Icon defense 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Swanky Rim Wishlist.gif Cushioned Drive Wishlist.gif Drift Away Wishlist.gif Wheeler Wishlist.gif Shifty Wishlist.gif Watch & Learn Wishlist.gif Rear Lit Wishlist.gif
Swanky Rim Cushioned Drive Drift Away Wheeler Shifty Watch & Learn Rear Lit

Cuff It Up Collection

  • Obtained: South Africa (Mthatha)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Health
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Entangled Wishlist.gif Cuff-Curbed Wishlist.gif Bridled Rogues Wishlist.gif Detention Wishlist.gif Numbered Fetters Wishlist.gif Constraints Wishlist.gif Well-Handled Wishlist.gif
Entangled Cuff-Curbed Bridled Rogues Detention Numbered Fetters Constraints Well-Handled

Wild Trail Collection

  • Obtained: South Africa (Mafikeng)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Icon attack 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Gold Weave Wishlist.gif Leather Touch Wishlist.gif Soft Savanna Wishlist.gif Fawn Awn Wishlist.gif Breeze Through Wishlist.gif White Jumbo Wishlist.gif Straw Brimmed Wishlist.gif
Gold Weave Leather Touch Soft Savanna Fawn Awn Breeze Through White Jumbo Straw Brimmed

Press Collection

  • Obtained: South Africa (Nelspruit)
  • Vault Bonus: +30 Energy
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Extra-Extra Wishlist.gif Headliner Wishlist.gif Breaking News Wishlist.gif Teleprompter Wishlist.gif For The Record Wishlist.gif Cover Page Wishlist.gif Press Pass Wishlist.gif
Extra-Extra Headliner Breaking News Teleprompter For The Record Cover Page Press Pass

Fluffed Up Collection

  • Obtained: South Africa (Springbok)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Stamina icon.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Blue Ostrich Wishlist.gif Duck Phase Wishlist.gif Proud Peacock Wishlist.gif Fussy Cuckoo Wishlist.gif Turaco Ruffle Wishlist.gif Roller Birdy Wishlist.gif Flaming Flamingo Wishlist.gif
Blue Ostrich Duck Phase Proud Peacock Fussy Cuckoo Turaco Ruffle Roller Birdy Flaming Flamingo

President's Offer Collection

  • Obtained: South Africa (De Aar)
  • Vault Bonus: +35 Icon defense 16x16.png
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Sworn In Wishlist.gif Hanging Flag Wishlist.gif Fireplace Wishlist.gif Hotline Wishlist.gif VIP Treatment Wishlist.gif Seat Of Power Wishlist.gif President's Portrait Wishlist.gif
Sworn In Hanging Flag Fireplace Hotline VIP Treatment Seat Of Power President's Portrait

Collectable Stat Cards

Statcards-title.pngCollectable Stat Cards were introduced on December 22, 2011 and are a cross between two existing parts of the game, the Marketplace and Collections. You can buy cards which give attack, defense, health, energy or stamina. You can purchase a Small Pack (1 card for 15Icon-gf-coin.gif) or a Large Pack (3 cards for 42Icon-gf-coin.gif). When you complete a set you will get a reward card (no skill point stats). It will also unlock a loot drop item that will become available in a certain district. After you complete a set the Reward Card is added to the Reward Series. After completing all the Series (and thus completing the Reward Series) you receive a Mastery Item.

Limited Edition Collections

Valentine's Day Massacre Collection

Collection header 2 1.gif

Heart Tattoo Wishlist.gif Shoot The Moon Wishlist.gif Stolen Heart Wishlist.gif Heart Locket Wishlist.gif Box of Chocolates Wishlist.gif Love Bear Wishlist.gif Valentine Wishlist.gif
Heart Tattoo Shoot The Moon Stolen Heart Heart Locket Box of Chocolates Love Bear Valentine

Chinese New Year Collection

Baoding Balls Wishlist.gif Cricket Cage Wishlist.gif Dragon Mask Wishlist.gif Four Toed Dragon Wishlist.gif Money Envelope Wishlist.gif Year of the Tiger Wishlist.gif Money Frog Wishlist.gif
Baoding Balls Cricket Cage Dragon Mask Four Toed Dragon Money Envelope Year of the Tiger Money Frog

The St. Patrick's Day Collection

Collection header 2 2.gif

Irish Flag Wishlist.gif Leprechaun Wishlist.gif Sets of Green Fireworks Wishlist.gif Green Bowler's Cap Wishlist.gif Lucky Pint Glass Wishlist.gif Pot of Gold Wishlist.gif Bag Pipes Wishlist.gif
Irish Flag Leprechaun Sets of Green Fireworks Green Bowler's Cap Lucky Pint Glass Pot of Gold Bag Pipes

Easter Crime Basket Crew Collection

Collection header 2 3.gif

Striped Egg Wishlist.gif Polka Dot Egg Wishlist.gif Checkered Egg Wishlist.gif Plaid Egg Wishlist.gif Paisley Egg Wishlist.gif Last Year's Egg Wishlist.gif Golden Egg Wishlist.gif
Striped Egg Polka Dot Egg Checkered Egg Plaid Egg Paisley Egg Last Year's Egg Golden Egg

Corner Store Collection


Brain Freeze Wishlist.gif Behind Bars Wishlist.gif Cup of Coffee Wishlist.gif Plastic Lighter Wishlist.gif Scratcher Wishlist.gif Hot Dog Wishlist.gif Mafi-O's Snack Pack Wishlist.gif
Brain Freeze Behind Bars Cup of Coffee Plastic Lighter Scratcher Hot Dog Mafi-O's Snack Pack

Global Cup Collection

Collection header 2 4.png

English Ball Wishlist.gif French Ball Wishlist.gif Brazilian Ball Wishlist.gif German Ball Wishlist.gif Italian Ball Wishlist.gif Argentinean Ball Wishlist.gif Spanish Ball Wishlist.gif
English Ball French Ball Brazilian Ball German Ball Italian Ball Argentinean Ball Spanish Ball

Slots Collection

Collection header 2 5.png

Liberty Bell Wishlist.gif Lucky 7 Wishlist.gif Plum Wishlist.gif Lime Wishlist.gif Triple Bar Wishlist.gif Cherry Wishlist.gif Orange Wishlist.gif
Liberty Bell Lucky 7 Plum Lime Triple Bar Cherry Orange

Mystery Bag Collection

Collection header 5 2.png

Magnifying Glass Wishlist.gif Shoe Prints Wishlist.gif Calabash Pipe Wishlist.gif Deerstalker Hat Wishlist.gif Hand Cuffs Wishlist.gif Case Files Wishlist.gif Mysterious Note Wishlist.gif
Magnifying Glass Shoe Prints Calabash Pipe Deerstalker Hat Hand Cuffs Case Files Mysterious Note

The Pasta Collection

Collection header 2 6.gif

Conchiglie Wishlist.gif Farfalle Wishlist.gif Lasagna Wishlist.gif Manicotti Wishlist.gif Rotini Wishlist.gif Spaghetti Wishlist.gif Ziti Wishlist.gif
Conchiglie Farfalle Lasagna Manicotti Rotini Spaghetti Ziti

Superhero Collection

Collection header 5 3.png

Arachnid-Man Wishlist.gif Squirril Man Wishlist.gif Superbman Wishlist.gif Freak Squad Wishlist.gif Blue Beacon Wishlist.gif Generel U.S.A. Wishlist.gif Terrific Man Wishlist.gif
Arachnid-Man Squirril Man Superbman Freak Squad Blue Beacon Generel U.S.A. Terrific Man

It's A Trap Collection

Collection header 5 4.png

Box-on-a-Stick Wishlist.gif Lobster Trap Wishlist.gif Mouse Trap Wishlist.gif Punji Stake Pit Wishlist.gif Spring Snare Wishlist.gif Steel-Jaw Trap Wishlist.gif Drop Net Wishlist.gif
Box-on-a-Stick Lobster Trap Mouse Trap Punji Stake Pit Spring Snare Steel-Jaw Trap Drop Net

The Disco Collection

Collection header 5 5.png

Don't Stop Disco Ball Wishlist.gif Fevered Dancer Wishlist.gif Grooving DJ Wishlist.gif Surviving Wig Wishlist.gif Dance and Jive Wishlist.gif Burnin' Bellbottoms Wishlist.gif Chic Sequin Jacket Wishlist.gif
Don't Stop Disco Ball Fevered Dancer Grooving DJ Surviving Wig Dance and Jive Burnin' Bellbottoms Chic Sequin Jacket

Hopper's Delight Collection

Collection header 2 7.png

Chocolate Bunny Wishlist.gif Cotton Bunny Wishlist.gif Crystal Bunny Wishlist.gif Golden Bunny Wishlist.gif Gummy Bunny Wishlist.gif Marble Bunny Wishlist.gif Paper Bunny Wishlist.gif
Chocolate Bunny Cotton Bunny Crystal Bunny Golden Bunny Gummy Bunny Marble Bunny Paper Bunny

Hats Off Collection

Collection header 2 8.png

Baseball Cap Wishlist.gif Beanie Cap Wishlist.gif Cowboy Hat Wishlist.gif Hard Hat Wishlist.gif Knitted Cap Wishlist.gif Long Top Hat Wishlist.gif Visor Cap Wishlist.gif
Baseball Cap Beanie Cap Cowboy Hat Hard Hat Knitted Cap Long Top Hat Visor Cap

Gracias Collection

Collection header 2 9.png

Bubbling Over Wishlist.gif Kind Gesture Wishlist.gif Muchas Gracias Wishlist.gif Cheers Wishlist.gif Special Occasion Wishlist.gif Party Popper Wishlist.gif Sparkle Wishlist.gif
Bubbling Over Kind Gesture Muchas Gracias Cheers Special Occasion Party Popper Sparkle

Hawaiian Collection

Collection header 5 6 02.png

Hula-Hula Wishlist.gif Easy Breezy Wishlist.gif Lava Flow Wishlist.gif Tiki Flame Wishlist.gif Flip-Flops Wishlist.gif Aloha Wishlist.gif Cool Head Wishlist.gif
Hula-Hula Easy Breezy Lava Flow Tiki Flame Flip-Flops Aloha Cool Head

Savanna Collection

Collection header 2 11.png

Wishtrap Wishlist.gif Lucked Out Wishlist.gif Liquid Danger Wishlist.gif Antidote Wishlist.gif Gemshot Wishlist.gif Snow Candy Wishlist.gif Rhino Wrestle Wishlist.gif
Wishtrap Lucked Out Liquid Danger Antidote Gemshot Snow Candy Rhino Wrestle

Crew Collections

Prototype Carjacking

  • Obtained: Helping mafia members
  • Vault Bonus: Thumb Item koenigsbergs10 75x75 01.gif Icon attack 16x16.png30 Icon defense 16x16.png46 Mw tournament icon atk def.png76
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot revault
GPS Signal Scrambler Wishlist.gif Tank of Gasoline Wishlist.gif Ignition Device Wishlist.gif Microchip Fitted Key Wishlist.gif Map of the Garage Wishlist.gif Counterfeit ID Badges Wishlist.gif Security Hacker Wishlist.gif
GPS Signal Scrambler Tank of Gasoline Ignition Device Microchip Fitted Key