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      {A̷̕͏ ͞C̕}~NOW RECRUITING~{A̷̕͏ ͞C̕}

{A̷̕͏ ͞C̕}Assassin’s Clan{A̷̕͏ ͞C̕}

is a fighting clan committed to aiding each other as a family would.

Our primary goal is fighting, but we always strive to enjoy online game

play and ensure members in {A̷̕͏ ͞C̕} develop to their maximum potential.

We are currently accepting applications for Full Membership to our Mafia Family.

Some Candidates must have 5K combined personal Attack/Defense. We can

help you build the requirements if you do not have those skills.

To be a member, ask a member.

Please feel free to visit our fan and War page at the link below

Online application :