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Beat The Feds Challenge
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Available from August 13, 2010
Available until August 24, 2010
Type Fight Challenge

Are you ready for the Mafia Wars Boss Fight Event? Starting this Friday (August 13, 2010), you'll get your chance to beat the Feds! For 10 days, you'll be taking on 4 bosses with the help of your mafia, and will work on earning a coveted mastery item for Las Vegas. The bosses will each have 3 levels for you to beat. Once you beat them all at the first level, you progress to the next level to continue fighting for your mastery. Each level you complete will give you a special reward, so be sure to finish them all to claim all the prizes!

You'll have to work quickly to beat the clock, so you can spread the word to your mafia to give you a hand. Helpers will be able to fight a boss as if they are facing the boss themselves. Here's where it pays to be strong - the toughest helpers who do the most damage per boss fight will receive additional rewards like experience, Vegas cash, fight tokens, and LE items for their help.

If you want to pack a solid punch, you can prepare for battle by making sure you have plenty of consumables like grenades, health kits, shivs, and stun guns to help you along the way. There's also safety in numbers - go recruit some new members to your mafia before the battle begins to better your odds of victory.

Due to people having technical difficulties with the event, Zynga has extended the Beat The Feds Challenge event by one day and gave everyone 100 Victory Coins and the Silenced Sniper Rifle.

Beat The Feds Challenge

Defeat Agent Karlin, Agent Miller, D.E.A. Iverson and D.A. Embry within 10 days.

Must be level 20 or higher to attempt the boss challenge.

For defeating these Agents you get an item and a Mastery Item for defeating all four of them. The stats of these items increase each mastery level.

For defeating an Agent you also get a Skill Point (12 Skill Points in total).

An attack at bronze mastery is Stamina icon.png 2 stamina each. You receive Icon experience 16x17.png2 Experience and Icon vegas chip.png100 Vegas Chips for each attack.

An attack at silver mastery is Stamina icon.png 5 stamina each. You receive Icon experience 16x17.png4 Experience and Icon vegas chip.png300 Vegas Chips for each attack.

An attack at gold mastery is Stamina icon.png 8 stamina each. You receive Icon experience 16x17.png8 Experience and Icon vegas chip.png450 Vegas Chips for each attack.

The Feds

Agent Karlin

Boss karlin.jpg

Hdrname karlin.png
Boss karlin 97x72.jpg

Level Health Health Time to Defeat
Bronzemastery.png 900 9 Hours
Silvermastery.png 6,000 7 Hours
Goldmastery.png 24,000 5 Hours

Agent Miller

Boss miller.jpg

Hdrname miller.png
Boss miller 97x72.jpg

Level Health Health Time to Defeat
Bronzemastery.png 1,000 9 Hours
Silvermastery.png 7,200 7 Hours
Goldmastery.png 28,800 5 Hours

D.E.A. Iverson

Boss iverson.jpg

Hdrname iverson1.png
Boss iverson 97x72.jpg

Level Health Health Time to Defeat
Bronzemastery.png 1,800 9 Hours
Silvermastery.png 8,400 7 Hours
Goldmastery.png 33,600 4 Hours

D.A. Embry

Boss embry.jpg

Hdrname embry1.png
Boss embry 97x72.jpg

Level Health Health Time to Defeat
Bronzemastery.png 2,000 9 Hours
Silvermastery.png 9,600 6 Hours
Goldmastery.png 38,400 4 Hours


Defeat Reward Icon attack 16x16.pngAttack Icon defense 16x16.pngDefense Mw tournament icon atk def.pngTotal
Agent Karlin
Item silkthunderbronze 01.png
Silk Thunder Bronze
40 28 68
Agent Karlin
Item silkthundersilver 01.png
Silk Thunder Silver
62 43 105
Agent Karlin
Item silkthundergold 01.png
Silk Thunder Gold
84 59 143
Agent Miller
Item buzzardcombatchopperbronze 02.png
Combat Chopper Bronze
44 36 80
Agent Miller
Item buzzardcombatchoppersilver 02.png
Combat Chopper Silver
68 54 122
Agent Miller
Item buzzardcombatchoppergold 02.png
Combat Chopper Gold
90 72 162
D.E.A. Iverson
Item ballisticvestbronze 01.png
Ballistic Vest Bronze
35 49 84
D.E.A. Iverson
Item ballisticvestsilver 01.png
Ballistic Vest Silver
53 76 129
D.E.A. Iverson
Item ballisticvestgold 01.png
Ballistic Vest Gold
72 103 175
D.A. Embry
Item baldeaglebronze 02.png
Bald Eagle Bronze
55 52 107
D.A. Embry
Item baldeaglesilver 02.png
Bald Eagle Silver
85 80 165
D.A. Embry
Item baldeaglegold 02.png
Bald Eagle Gold
115 109 224

Mastery Reward

Defeat Reward Effect
Defeat all Bosses
Item rainmakerbronze 01.png
Rain Maker Bronze
1% Bonus Vegas Chips in Las Vegas fights
Defeat all Bosses
Item rainmakersilver 01.png
Rain Maker Silver
2% Bonus Vegas Chips in Las Vegas fights
Defeat all Bosses
Item rainmakergold 01.png
Rain Maker Gold
5% Bonus Vegas chips in Las Vegas fights


Due to the technical difficulties the event has been extended with 1 day and you receive Victory icon.gif100 and a Silenced Sniper Rifle

Silenced Sniper Rifle feds.png


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