What is Attack?Edit

Attack (Icon-attack) is used when you attack someone in a fight. Attack does not play a role when you are the one who is attacked (See also: defense). You need adequate attack in order to:

  • win fights
  • cause more damage in fights

How Attack is CalculatedEdit

When you attack someone in a fight, robbing, war, hitlist, etc., all of your mafia members Mafiasize (up to 501) come to your aid with:

  • 501 weapon
  • 501 armor
  • 501 vehicle
  • 501 animal
  • 501 henchmen

Therefore, a maximum of 2505 items will be used. Mafia Wars will automatically choose the best attack item of the 5 categories that you have. When purchasing items, it is a waste to ever buy more than 501 of any item, as this will not increase your stats.

MAS Your Mafia Attack Strength is your mafia's total power in attack.

The attack rating of your 501 best weapon + 501 best armor + 501 best vehicles + 501 best animals + 501 best henchmen = Mafia Attack Strength

This number can be found under the "Fight" tab under "Your Mafia" and will be displayed to your attacker when the fight is over. Icon attack 16x16 (then added to that number is your secret Attack bonus shown under "Your Skills" which is not shown to your attacker.)

Once your attack has been increased, you will see:

  • Earn achievements that require adequate attack
    • "Unstoppable" - win 15 fights in a row
    • "Like a Hurricane" - win 1,000 fights in Cuba
    • "Hitman" - collect a bounty from the hitlist
    • "Brawler" - win 100 fights in a row
    • "Napoleon Complex" - defeat someone with a bigger mafia
  • When you win an attack, you earn experience points and sometimes $


Suggestions for increasing your AttackEdit

WHAT DO I NEED? When you attack someone, you can see what inventory you used in that attack that had you win or lose by clicking on "show all items used" underneath the fight results. Look carefully at your items in each of the three categories. The items are listed in order of best attack rating. The items last on the list are what you do NOT need more of. Start by looking at what items come up about halfway down the list and start adding more of those. As you do this, the lower level items will not be used anymore in fights. You can continue doing this (adding mid-level items which are easier to come by than the top-of-the-line items) until your attack rating has you winning most fights. For example, if you buy a lot of Rebel Snipers in Cuba, this is an easy way to boost your armor quickly and allow you to stop using lesser armor in fights.

Also on the "Fight" tab, there are images of the best attack weapon, armor and vehicle you currently use. As you fight people, you will see what others have for their best defense. You will also see what their Mafia Defense Strength is. If your Mafia Attack Strength is lower than their Mafia Defense Strength, this is why you lost. If its not, then their secret Defense skills helped them when you attacked. By boosting your secret attack skill points, you can sometimes counteract their secret defense skills.

Defense detail

Also, it is also helpful to boost your Health as well. While it will not increase your total defense or attack, it will at least allow you to stay alive longer, regardless of whether you are attacking or being attacked.

To see more, use the items listed with the MW Combat Calculator: [[1]]

Power AttackEdit

There is a recent change in fighting. You can use "Power Attack" to attack up to 5 times. Multiple fights can only be done till the other person has been iced. It will cost 1 stamina for each attack done.