The Assassin's Academy was introduced on January 10, 2012 as the fifteenth non-cash generating property in New York / Manhattan.

This is a limited-time-to-upgrade property in which you have 14 days to upgrade to level 15 (or as far as you can). After this period you will no longer be able to upgrade normally. You get to keep the level you reached and are able to build the items. However, you can still buy the required upgrade parts using Reward Points.

Unlike regular crafting properties, there is no cost-per-item each time you craft. You can craft once every 18 hours.

Building MaterialEdit

Building CostEdit

Level Items
1 Item welding torch x1, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x1. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x1
2 Item welding torch x1, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x2. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x1
3 Item welding torch x2, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x3. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x2
4 Item welding torch x3, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x4. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x3
5 Item welding torch x4, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x6. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x4
6 Item welding torch x5, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x8. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x5
7 Item welding torch x10, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x11. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x10
8 Item welding torch x12, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x17. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x12
9 Item welding torch x14, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x25. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x14
10 Item welding torch x16, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x35. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x16
11 Item welding torch x20, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x43. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x20
12 Item welding torch x24, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x51. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x24
13 Item welding torch x28, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x59. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x28
14 Item welding torch x32, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x67. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x32
15 Item welding torch x36, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x75. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x36
Total Item welding torch x208, Item galvanizedsteel 01 x407. Item reciprocatingsaw 01 x208


Level Item(s) Stats
Level 1 Item PoisonDagger bronze 01 Poison Dagger Bronze Icon attack 16x1677 Icon defense 16x1631 Mw tournament icon atk def108
Level 2 Item PoisonDagger silver 01 Poison Dagger Silver Icon attack 16x1680 Icon defense 16x1633 Mw tournament icon atk def113
Level 3 Item PoisonDagger gold 01 Poison Dagger Gold Icon attack 16x1683 Icon defense 16x1635 Mw tournament icon atk def118
Level 4 Item deathfromafar bronze 01 Death From Afar Bronze
+3 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x1641 Icon defense 16x1686 Mw tournament icon atk def127
Level 5 Item deathfromafar silver 01 Death From Afar Silver
+3 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x1643 Icon defense 16x1689 Mw tournament icon atk def132
Level 6 Item deathfromafar gold 01 Death From Afar Gold
+3 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x1646 Icon defense 16x1692 Mw tournament icon atk def138
Level 7 Item cornershot bronze 01 Corner Shot Bronze
+4 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x1695 Icon defense 16x1663 Mw tournament icon atk def158
Level 8 Item cornershot silver 01 Corner Shot Silver
+4 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x1698 Icon defense 16x1664 Mw tournament icon atk def162
Level 9 Item cornershot gold 01 Corner Shot Gold
+4 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16101 Icon defense 16x1666 Mw tournament icon atk def167
Level 10 Item cornershot ruby 01 Corner Shot Ruby
+4 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16104 Icon defense 16x1667 Mw tournament icon atk def171
Level 11 Item assassin bronze 01 Assassin Bronze
+5 Icon energy 16x16
Icon attack 16x1670 Icon defense 16x16107 Mw tournament icon atk def177
Level 12 Item assassin silver 01 Assassin Silver
+5 Icon energy 16x16
Icon attack 16x1673 Icon defense 16x16110 Mw tournament icon atk def183
Level 13 Item assassin gold 01 Assassin Gold
+5 Icon energy 16x16
Icon attack 16x1676 Icon defense 16x16113 Mw tournament icon atk def189
Level 14 Item assassin ruby 01 Assassin Ruby
+5 Icon energy 16x16
Icon attack 16x1679 Icon defense 16x16116 Mw tournament icon atk def195
Level 15 Item assassin emerald 01 Assassin Emerald
+5 Icon energy 16x16
Icon attack 16x1682 Icon defense 16x16119 Mw tournament icon atk def201
Max Stamina, Max Attack and Max Energy are not part of the item properties. Each is a reward for building the item.